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Monday- Worked 9-6

Tuesday- Worked 3-9

Wednesday 9-6, went to Darlene's house at 9 to spend the night and go to the mall on Thursday. Her niece Izabella was there. She is the cutest! Got to bed at around 3:30. Got nervous about school starting back up soon. I'll be a big bad sohpmore. *winks*

Thursday- Went to the mall at 12:45. But before I got my $65 check cashed. Tatum told me I looked cute, so that boosted my confidence. Darlene and I walked around for about an hour, a little less. And I saw Eddy. Damnn. I like him so much. I whispered to Darlene, "Eddy's here" and his 11 year old cutie brother came with them. We went into GameStop, the arcade, Eddy ate Arby's, walked around Target looking for his momma. She is so pretty. I wanna be with him. Then after Eddy and Andrew left, Darlene and I walked around and then we had a bread stick and a slice of pizza. She saw her ex-boyfriend Ben. We walked around, looked, shopped. He's like head over heels for her. She was treating him like shit. I felt really bad. But it was so much fun. I kinda fall for him, and I guess he did to since he's my boyfriend now? Hehe Love you baby!! Mom picked us up at 7 and then I got my stuff from Darlene's house and then I went home, and slept. : )

Friday- I worked 9-6. Deb opened, and we all love Deb. You're smoking something over there if you don't like Deb. So of course, my day was kick ass! : ) But no Joshua. I had Sami tho. And Sarah for an hour. Gave her an update on Eddy. : ) Thanks girly! Maybe I'll end up with him after Ben. If I lose weight. Lol Came home, ate dinner, went online talked to a few people, and Ben came over. Hehe we had fun. Packed to go to Beepa's (Grandpa's). My aunt Heather, her boyfriend Brandon ( who looks a lot like her ex-husband), my uncle Jason, and his wife, Angie are gunna be there. It'll be fun. First time without Brian, so it'll be a little bit akward.

Saturday- Took the dogs to the vet to be kenneled for the weekend. Left at about quarter after 9 to go to Alanson. Got there, they beat us there.  Jason gave us Brian's CDs. I kept some. A lot of 'em where empty. Jason said after he got out of the mental hostpial, he went on like a rampage and threw a whole bunch of CD's out his car window. Hm. But anyway. I kept NOW 5,  which has songs like from '99-'00. It's pretty good. Makes me wanna dance. 

Sunday- I slept on a matress by the sliding door, Angie and Jason slept by the front door on their air matress. Jason listened to Jack Johnson with my CD player. Hehe. He likes dances and snaps in his sleep. He snores exactly like my daddy. It was like a symphony. : ) I love my family. Their amazing. Fun, fun times. Heather and Angie are making more cookies, since our goodies are already gone. And then hopefully we'll go on the boat. Jason may not go tho, after his nap, he'll probably go fishing again. I'd like to go one of these times, but I'm such a blonde, I'd probably hook someone's lip or something.

Oh and my doggie was really sick. I'm glad he was at the vet's anyway. : ) Love you Hoot!!! *Blows kiss*


And Brian, *looks up at the sky*  I fucking love you, and miss you to pieces.


Bye beautiful!!!

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